The firm

The JURINOVO law firm offers quality legal services in matters related to Canadian immigration, international and Quebec family law and family mediation. Our approach aims to provide our clients with reasonable and sustainable solutions to legal challenges they may encounter.

Committed and experienced lawyers at your service

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  • Our lawyers combine their knowledge and experience with a human approach to determine the most suitable solution for your case
  • Our lawyers help you unravel the legal situations you face by offering a service based on respect, empathy and excellence
  • Our lawyers and mediators advocate the settlement of disputes through communication, negotiation and mediation in order to better defend your interests and those of your family and children
  • Our lawyers have international experience which enriches the approach used to process your case
  • Our experienced lawyers are prepared to represent you and plead your case with the highest level of professionalism before the Quebec courts

The values that support our philosophy and our work culture

Affordable fees

Competitive, tailor-made, flat-rate fees and hourly rates tailored to your needs and agreed to in advance.

Resolving conflicts differently

A more peaceful way to approach law and disputes through negotiation or mediation.

People first

The human aspect is a priority that comes before profit. We put people first all recommendations and decisions.


High quality services according to high standards of ethics and professionalism.


Collaborations with professionals from various backgrounds and different areas of law. Referrals to the right resources when needed.

Courtesy and respect

Values applied on a daily basis in all of our interactions with you, our colleagues, the Courts and any third parties.

We aim to make justice more accessible

Here are the solutions we offer to do our part:

Discovery Call

First 15 minute call free of charge. Talk to a lawyer without having to pay for a one-hour consultation.

Hourly Rate

We apply preferential hourly rates for certain clients who do to not qualify for legal aid and who respect the maximum annual income threshold. 

Pro Bono Friday

Every Friday, our lawyers offer free 45-minute legal meetings* See conditions below.

What is Pro Bono Friday?

Jurinovo Lawyers give back to their community by offering free 45-minute legal telephone calls on a weekly basis.

Pro Bono: A diminutive of the Latin expression “pro bono publico” which means “for the public good”. Pro bono refers to the practice of non-interested (financial) engagement of professionals putting their skills into initiatives of general interest.

Our lawyers will answer your questions about family law by offering free legal meetings to individuals and families who have limited financial means. The firm will assess your situation to determine if you are eligible for Pro Bono Friday.

Who is eligible for Pro Bono Friday?

Determine if you are eligible to receive free legal information from a lawyer.

If you are not sure whether or not you qualify for legal aid, please contact the legal aid office near you. You can also consult the website of the Commission des services juridiques to determine your eligibility.

You have limited means to pay a legal consultation with a lawyer. You do not earn more than the maximum annual income admissible:

  • 1 adult: $40,000.00;
  • 1 adult with 1 child: $48,000.00;
  • 1 adult with two children or more: $52,000.00;
  • 2 adults without children: $55,000.00;
  • 2 adults with 1 child: $65,000.00;
  • 2 adults with 2 children or more: 70,000.00$;

The Jurinovo team will assess your financial resources from all sources to determine if you are eligible for a free legal meeting with a lawyer on Pro Bono Friday.

Meet a lawyer