Congratulations Me Leila Sadeg : YBM Lawyer of the year 2021 in family law!

Every year the Young Bar of Montreal (YBM) Gala has dedicated a special night out of the year to recognize and celebrate lawyers who have emerged onto the legal professional scene. The lawyers selected by the Selection Committee have surpassed themselves by their professional and personal accomplishments in the legal community, their vision and their social contribution.

This night’s objective is also to instill, for present and future lawyers, the continued determination, and heart, to surpass themselves in future endeavours of which encompasses exceptional personal and social growth that are reflected within their legal profession and their contributions towards the legal community.

On December 2nd 2021, within the beautifully lit St-James theater where more than 250 knowledgeable judges and lawyers gathered for the 15th anniversary of the Young Bar of Montreal Gala, Me Sadeg graciously and proudly accepted the title of “YBM Lawyer of the year 2021” within the family law category.

Me Sadeg has been practicing in family law since 2012. She founded Jurinovo Avocats, which aims to be innovative by advocating an approach based on conciliation, access to justice and the human aspect of relations in family law. Me Sadeg is a seasoned litigator before the courts of Quebec. Her practice and experience have enabled her to successfully plead international cases on international abduction and complex jurisdiction debates.

Me Sadeg endeavours to continue to innovate in her legal practice and to distinguish herself in the legal community and amongst her clients. 

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