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The decision to adopt a child is very important. It allows a child to integrate a new family so that he or she can receive the care and love that promotes their healthy development. The needs, interests and rights of the child are at the heart of the adoption process.

An adoption breaks the bond of filiation between the biological parents and the child. When an adoption order is issued, the biological parent no longer has any rights, responsibilities or obligations towards the child.

Adoption is a confidential process and the information in the file cannot be disclosed. Nevertheless, it is possible for an adopted child to have access to his or her original names and surnames, as well as the names and surnames of his biological parents.

Parents who wish to adopt may adopt a child in Quebec, another province in Canada or abroad. When the child is domiciled in Quebec, the adoption is under the responsibility of the DYP. When the adoption takes place in another province of Canada or abroad, it is the responsibility of the Secretariat for International Adoption.

International adoptions must be approved by the Secrétariat International à l’adoption (SAI). This is the government agency responsible for verifying that the law is being followed at every stage of the adoption. An adoption is deemed international when the adoptive parents in Quebec wish to adopt a child residing in another country.

Our law firm can help you prepare adoption proceedings for cases involving adoption of a child by a new spouse (with consent or death of a parent) presented before the Court of Quebec, Youth Division. We can also help you petition the courts to request the recognition of a foreign adoption judgment.

In the majority of cases, the Court of Quebec, Youth Division, hears applications for adoption. An adoption must meet the criteria established by the Civil Code of Quebec. In Quebec, parents may adopt orphaned children, abandoned children or parents who do not assume their parental responsibilities, or children whose parents have voluntarily renounced their parental rights.


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