Me Geoffrey Ngamilu joins the Jurinovo law firm

Geoffrey Ngamilu joins the law firm! Prior to joining our team, Me Ngamilu practiced law in a well-established law firm specialized in family law with a focus on multi-jurisdictional, international and immigration matters.


Throughout his career, Me Ngamilu has handled numerous complex cases in family, estate, patrimony and international matters. Me Ngamilu is a seasoned litigator and also a determined negotiator working for the amicable resolution of his files. He is able to combine his knowledge of the provisions of law with the possibility of alternative human approaches in order to determine the best possible solutions for each of his client’s unique circumstances.


Me Ngamilu has a diversified professional experience. He has worked as a legal officer for a United Nations Specialized Agency based in Geneva, in Switzerland. He has also collaborated with a leading Montreal Law firm for the publication of a major work in Labour Law.


Me Ngamilu was a professional basketball player in Europe and has volunteered as a mentor for the organization “pour trois points” in Montreal, to help the youth youth value academic achievements through sports and various activities.


Welcome to the our new associate!


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